Instilling Success Into Students In Our Country And Around The World.

Our vision is to make a lasting impact and change in society. In order to do this our impact cannot be event based and cannot disempower locals to be the solution for their cities and culture. Our program empowers locals to use their story and influence to expand the future of their school and ultimately their country. Donate Today

We choose to work through school districts that sign our partnership agreement to allow their students to be beneficiaries of our program.

If you want to change a nation, you must transform its people. To transform people you must upgrade their belief systems and mindsets. We have seen that high school students are young and moldable before they get launched into the real world. They are ready to become their greatest version and are looking for purpose.

There are thousands of young people waiting for you to empower their potential, feed their purpose and catalyze their success.


Students Will:

Craft their life plan

Develop better decision making skills

Process an emotional audit

Draft their goals

Immerse in connecting with others

Overcome and process competing commitments

Understand their identity

Commit to live out values, principles and a culture

Expose limiting belief systems

Learn & tap into their passions

Shift their way of thinking

& more


Many have partnered at $100/month or more. We ensure that every month at least one student will go through our training program funded by your donation.

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