This organization has truly changed my life. The people have altered the way I care about others. Compassionate Touch has given me two of my top 10 greatest life memories. Each trip reminds me why it’s so worth making the time to do something different and meaningful.

Ian Wagner Business Consultant

“This organization has changed my life forever.”

– Emily Brock


Live The Adventure

Experience remote and exotic locations, create lasting memories, immerse in culture and enjoy amazing food.

Be Transformed

Develop yourself through experiential learning, challenges, exercises and team building.

Make An Impact

Influence society, participate in local school and city development programs and give hope to a life.

In just one week our innovative and fluid framework has accelerated the dreams and destinies in many people just like you.

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There was fun, joyful, memorable times, we made a long term, sustainable impact and the people were authentic, powerful and full of meaningful interactions. This was absolutely a milestone in my life. It made top 3 best weeks in my whole life. I can't wait to do a trip with my wife, sister, mom and whoever else can come!

Ryan Cooper27 years young - Thailand

I recommend everyone to take a trip and experience different cultures because you're not only helping others, but you push your own limits. Just when you think it can’t get any better, a new day brings a surprise of adventure.

Amanda Budzinski 21 years young - Peru

Bringing hope, life and investing into young people has made my trips awesome! What I've experienced on the trips is not just a week long thing, it became a lifelong experience. Through the people I've meet, the relationships built and the impact of the development sessions. These last a lifetime.

Joel Cisneros37 years young - Peru, Dominican Republic, Haiti

Once you go on a trip, you dream bigger. Being surrounded by world changers is just one of the best feelings you could ever have. I am forever grateful and amazed.

Grace Synod16 years young - Peru

On this trip I was given a new lens to look through to see and care for people. I loved being able to eat authentic Haitian food and as a bonus I fell in love with the one who soon became my wife, thanks Compassionate Touch:).

Austin Schafer25 years young - Haiti

How Much Does It Cost? 

The real question is how much is this trip costing you by not coming?

How much of your life are you missing out on by traveling with us?

How often do you get to make a difference in someone’s life?

When is the last time you spent energy building your personal life plan?

A week away with us could be costing you more than you think…

What Can I Expect From Coming On A Trip?

Travel The World

Every trip is different and centered around you being able to see the most beautiful and exotic locations. Travel and experience the world.

Change Someones Life

The priority on every trip is that we make a lasting impact in future leaders of a nation. Get ready to leave your mark.

Be Personally Transformed

We make it a daily practice to help you upgrade and become your greatest version. Experience freedom, joy and receive tools for lasting change. 

Taste Amazing Food

Some of your greatest moments will be experiencing incredible food. Taste the culture and fall in love.

Have An Experience

Memories are the greatest thing we take from life. Get ready to experience the greatest adventure of your life.

Build Authentic Relationships

Community is a vital aspect of refreshment, renewal and growth. Build lasting relationships and connections with other pioneers.

See The World Today!

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