Our Bias

Our bias is simple: that you’d go on a trip that would supersede your expectations so much that you’d come back home and tell your family, friends and everyone you know that you just had one of the greatest, most empowering and impactful weeks of your life.

Our Priority On Every Trip Is That You Would:


Live The Adventure

Experience remote and exotic locations, create lasting memories, immerse in culture and enjoy amazing food.

Be Transformed

Develop yourself through experiential learning, challenges, exercises and team building.

Make An Impact

Influence society, participate in local school and city development programs and give hope to a life.

Check out stories, experiences, adventures, impact and updates from other pioneers on our trips.

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Get To Know Our Team

We’re fun, passionate and constantly striving to help others find daily purpose. 

Our Team

Give Change To A Student

Our program allows you to empower and give hope to high school students. Every $100 allows us to distribute, implement and train a student through our “Purpose” booklet.
“How it works”


Looking to learn, travel, make a difference and have some fun? Real people, real experiences, real change.