Meet Our Team

Daniel Budzinski


Daniel is all about building relationships and encouraging purpose in everyone’s life. Daniel is the life of the party, usually the loudest one in the room and will always make sure you are greeted and feel loved. The youngest of five children, he went to school at Oakland University and earned a degree in accounting then decided after to pursue a different calling and started Compassionate Touch. Daniel enjoys hunting and spending time with his beautiful wife Elizabeth and his two beautiful girls Everly & Ivy.

Falicia Kolen

Assistant to CEO

Falicia is the glue that helps keep everyone together. Without Falicia, our office would be chaos. Her role is very important, not only does she handle all the little details when it comes to Compassionate Touch, but she always makes sure that everyone is taken care of and fed. Falicia enjoys a good cup of coffee watching Gilmore Girls either with her mom on Mommy Mondays, or with her husband Cal, her son Abel, and her dog Lucia. 

Travis Gergen

Creative Lead

Travis is from Los Angeles, CA, born and raised. Although Travis may be from the film capital of the world, he did not learn his trade there, he lived in Northern California where he worked on staff as a video editor for one of the largest churches in Modesto, CA. He enjoys going out and exploring all the different areas the world has to offer.